VoIP Service and Internet Service – Overview

With the rising popularity of VoIP, more and more companies are installing VoIP phone systems for business use. VoIP is a low-cost solution and uses available bandwidth in an efficient manner, installing VoIP phone systems for business purposes makes good financial sense. It is a low-cost solution for many reasons such as:

• Calls made over VoIP are much cheaper and sometimes free – from computer to computer, regardless of the location called. It is now possible to call internationally and spend hours on a call, without worrying about the contents of your next phone bill.
• The installation of a VoIP phone system for business users is an easy task as hosted VoIP PBX solutions are available from Halo Small Business Solutions. All your calls are routed directly from your existing phone system and are not limited to landlines. Handheld devices and wireless-enabled devices can all be utilized.
• The cost of extensions on VoIP are much lower than a standard phone system.
• Accessories such as headsets use standard connections and do not require the proprietary connections favored by telecom providers.

Halo Small Business Solutions offers a service that provides VoIP systems for business use that is:

• Scalable. As your company grows, you can cheaply upgrade the system for new hires.
• Fully managed. You do not have to worry about maintenance, downtime or updates, as this is our problem.
• Located off-site. The use of the service will not require space on your premises.
• Secure. All servers are located in our secure data center.
• Cost-effective. All the advantages of a full-featured telephone system but without the investment cost.
• Flexible. Service plans can be upgraded or reduced at any time.

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