VoIP Service and Internet Service

Voice over IP, also known as VoIP, is the term used to describe the technology involved in transmitting voice communications over the internet, without the use of standard phone lines. Once you have a stable high-speed connection, whether that connection is wireless (on a laptop or smartphone, for example), you will have access to our VoIP technology and have the ability to make calls anywhere in the world. Costs are typically free for PC-to-PC calls and calls to landlines are at substantially reduced rates. This is a huge advantage for frequent travelers and partly explains the boom in VoIP usage in recent years.

Companies utilize VoIP because of the cost savings involved. They can connect with colleagues overseas; have conference calls, etc. and all from their internet-enabled device. VoIP has truly made the world a smaller place as many VoIP software packages also allow video calls to be made in real-time.

Halo Small Business Solutions provides premium VoIP and Broadband Internet Services and can assist companies with establishing a VoIP solution utilizing your existing communications infrastructure. All we need to do is to configure your phone calls to allow VoIP calls to be directed to your phone. Making calls can be just as convenient, but since each company’s requirements will be different we will make specific recommendations tailored for your business that will allow you to have the best service possible.

Halo Small Business Solutions can also provide a VoIP solution that uses the latest hardware and software innovations to ensure a high-speed and cost effective way to make phone calls, whether you are a single user or part of a larger office. VoIP services can be added as required, with basic installations and larger PBX installations all possible, making our solution seamlessly scalable. Call us today, to find out why Halo is a leader in the VoIP industry.