VoIP Service and Internet Service – Benefits

The Benefits to Using VoIP over Traditional Telephony

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • VoIP uses bandwidth more efficiently. Therefore, the requirement for additional phones line is decreased.

  • If a hosted PBX exchange is selected, long distance call costs using VoIP are no longer a consideration since all local and remote sites behave as one location.

  • Long Distance call costs using VoIP to standard phones are considerably reduced.

  • A hosted PBX solution does not require space or staff resources to maintain it. Maintenance and updating tasks are the responsibility of the VoIPservice provider.

Scalable and Versatile

  • The number of PBX lines available is not linked to the quantity of phone numbers available. One line can have numerous numbers, again due to the bandwidth efficiency provided by use of VoIP.

  • Additional numbers can be added as staffing levels increase. This task takes second to perform from the online control panel.

  • A full-featured platform. As new VoIP upgrades or other features are available, the platform will auto-update and all new features are immediately available to all users.

Call Forwarding

  • Calls can be redirected or forwarded to any other phone number, whether it is a landline or cellphone.

  • Telecommuting is possible for employees. They can work from any location and still have access to their company phone number.

  • Sharing one receptionist for multiple locations is possible.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Advanced VoIP call features such as remote conference are available without paying in advance.

  • vUser features are configured using online control panels.

  • Calls and voicemails can be redirected to any other location in the organization, regardless of the physical site location.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

  • A hosted solutions means that in the event of a disaster, all calls can be redirected to another location while repairs are carried out in the damaged building.

  • Multiple levels of redundancy, including geographic redundancy, providing survivability for the highest level of business continuity.