Payroll Processing FAQs

1. What does Halo Small Business Solutions Payroll Processing service do for my business?

Halo Small Business Solutions will prepare and service the payroll accounting responsibilities for the business.

2. What is Direct Deposit for Payroll Processing?

An electronic format for depositing payroll funds from a business’s bank directly into a employee’s or vendor’s bank account automatically.

3. What are employer payroll taxes?

The taxes an employer is responsible for relating to employee payroll. These include workman’s compensation, employer’s contribution to Social Security Taxes, and employee deductions (Federal, State and Local).

4. What is the major advantage to outsourcing my company’s payroll to a Payroll Processing Service?

The cost of outsourcing your company’s payroll processing responsibilities are generally less for the small business than the in-house costs relating to preparing payroll.

5. Are there different programs and services offered by Halo Small Business Solutions Payroll Processing?

In addition to providing your business with base payroll processing, Halo Small Business Solutions also offers managing retirement programs, 401(k) programs, worker’s compensation, and HR Management solutions.

6. How do I start using Halo Small Business Solutions for my business’s Payroll Processing?

To get started, please call an equipment financing consultant at (212) 481-4100 or you can email us at