Payroll Processing – Benefits

Well-established in the industry, Halo Small Business Solutions can ensure a cost-effective professional Payroll Processing Services, regardless of your company size or tax commitments. We have worked with clients in every state. As Payroll Processing Services and HR Management are tasks required by all companies, industry type or activity is not a barrier to using our Payroll Processing Services. Call us today for a comprehensive Payroll Processing and/or HR Management quote. You will be pleasantly surprised when you compare our rates for Payroll Processing Services against the time you spend struggling to complete Payrolls or processing the paperwork associated with hiring new employees.

The benefits of using our Payroll Processing Service and HR Management Service include:

• You free up valuable time that was previously wasted when you should have been concentrating on commercial activities.
• Regular payroll services are available ranging in frequency from weekly to monthly. This can be customized according to your requirements. For example, if you pay on the last Friday of every month, we can easily accommodate this and other Payroll Processing requirements.
• Full compliance with local state and federal tax laws is assured. As Payroll Processing Services experts, we have to remain up-to-date with all of the latest legislation. This is only common sense and allows us to ensure that our clients never receive penalties for late or incorrect payment of taxes.
• Early notification of payroll requirements. As is common with many companies, cash flow can be an issue especially when credit terms are offered to clients. When these clients do not pay on time, it could mean there are insufficient funds in your company accounts to pay your staff. Our early warning system allows time to deposit additional funds to your account before the bank rejects your payroll transfer request.