Payroll Processing and HR Management

Focus On What Matters – Running Your Business

For many Small Business Owners, running the daily activities of their business takes precedence over tasks that do not directly contribute to winning additional clients or contracts for the company. Financial and employee Payroll Processing tasks are often relegated to second place since ensuring company profits are a priority. Business Owners who are beginning to be overwhelmed with performing all tasks must consider hiring an external contractor to manage their employee Payroll Processing and HR Management tasks.

Halo Small Business Solutions can meet all of your requirements in this area and has vast experience in handling employee Payroll Processing for clients. Using our Payroll Processing service will ensure that all of your staff are paid promptly and the correct amount of taxes deducted. Consult with our employee Payroll Processing team and receive a quote for our managed employee Payroll Processing and HR Management service. This service can be customized for your specific Payroll Processing and HR Management requirements and company size.

Our service includes:

• Dedicated experts who provide accurate results every time.
• Automatic tax calculation for local, state and federal requirements.
• SUI management and compliance. We can file returns on your behalf.
• Payment options are flexible ranging from direct deposits to debit or credit cards.
• Employee Payroll Processing expenses due are notified in advance. This allows sufficient warning to make transfers and deposits if necessary to ensure your employees are paid on time.
• When you hire additional staff, we will ensure that you are compliant with existing tax legislation and prevent unnecessary tax penalties due to lack of knowledge.
• A retirement package solution is available. This can minimize your tax liability and benefits your employees. This package could include 401(k) plans or simple IRAs.
• Our HR Management resources are always available and our tax compliance database, resume wizards are also useful tools. In addition, we provide employee handbooks that can be tailored to your individual company requirements