Payment Processing Equipment

Nurit 8320 

Short on counter space? Then the Nurit 8320 credit card terminal is for you. It is compact and more than capable of handling all of your credit card processing needs. The Nurit 8320 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Exceptionally secure, reliable and easy-to-handle, the Nurit 8320 includes a high speed modem and thermal printer. A multi-application environment supports a range of applications, including; credit and debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications such as prepaid services.

Hypercom T7Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus is one of the most popular credit card terminals ever made. The T7 Plus, with 1MB of RAM, is both compact and highly advanced. The Hypercom T7 Plus is designed for merchants requiring a small countertop POS terminal for their credit card processing. The terminal delivers a set of powerful features in an attractive, compact design. The Hypercom T7Plus is capable of accepting all magnetic stripe cards and provides fast transaction authorizations.

Hypercom T4220 

The Hypercom Optimum T4220 is the most secure IP and dial-backup countertop terminal on the market today. Along with its ability to process transactions rapidly, the T4220 features an intelligent IP diagnostics application to monitor and communicate failure occurrences, locate the source of the error, and instruct the user how to repair it. The Optimum T4220 holds a large memory capacity and accepts multiple applications to provide the most advanced, flexible, and functional solution available in the credit card processing industry.





Roam Pay 

Compatible with iPhone, select Android and BlackBerry devices, the lightweight and compact ROAMpay G3X Swipe fits right in your pocket and plugs into your mobile device’s 3.5mm headphone jack turning your smartphone into a mobile credit card processing terminal. A simple swipe of the customer’s credit card and the transaction is completed. The ROAMpay Swipe also utilizes end-to-end encryption so your customer’s sensitive information is never exposed.  For use with ROAMpay X only.


Trinity is a service that allows your business to process credit card transactions in three ways:

  1. At your office – Virtual Terminal

  2. Through your website – Payment Gateway

  3. On the go – Phone Charge

Magtek Mini MICR

The MagTek Mini-MICR Check Reader is our top of the line check imager. It can read checks in various formats and allows your business to use our check processing services in a secure and cost effective manner.

Hyosung 18XXSE 

The 1800 SE is designed to provide quality and reliability with the highest uptime rates in the ATM industry. The 1800 SE is designed to require minimum maintenance and all Nautilus Hyosung ATMs are known for reliability and have a proven track record in the U.S. market. A UL business-hour safe and PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN pad) provide a secure transaction environment.

Hyosung 2700 CE 

The modern, yet simple design of the 2700 CE looks like no other ATM before its time. The elegant lines of the 2700 CE allow it to fit in, and even enhance, any setting. The optional LED topper or LCD topper are powerful advertising tools and seamless extensions of the ATM. The 2700 CE’s highly advanced user interface and graphics compliments the design. Enhanced features include streaming news and weather updates, background changes, advertising capability, and vibrating touch screen. The ARM v7 Cortex A8 834MHz CPU, has expert data processing capabilities to power multitasking, networking, and enhanced graphics & audio. Enhanced security features ensure the highest level of security of any ATM.