Payment Processing

Payment Processing is vital in today’s commercial environment as companies can quickly lose business if the payment options they offer customers are limited. Selecting an efficient Electronic Payment Processing provider can be just as important as an attractive website or successful marketing campaign. It can be disheartening for business owners when, having invested heavily in promoting brand awareness and been successful in attracting new business, that these potential clients do not purchase products or services simply because their preferred Electronic Payment Processing option is unavailable. Customers are fussy, and very quick to change when their expectations are not met. It is quite possible to lose long-standing customers when they expect to make payments in a preferred format and are unable to do so. This is in no way due to the quality of your product or service but simply because in a competitive marketplace, others are available to meet the desired payment requirements.

However, Halo Small Business Solutions can help you. With our tailored Electronic Payment Processing solutions, every possible combination of Electronic Payment Processing can be added successfully to your existing infrastructure, whether that infrastructure is a physical store or an online shop. We currently provide Credit Card Processing, Check Processing, Check Guarantee Services, Gift Card Solutions, Loyalty Card Processing, and ATM Processing.

If you do not have an existing Merchant Account set up with an Electronic Payment Processing service provider, we can assist your business with all aspects of the process. In addition, if you already have a Electronic Payment Processing service provider we will provide a free analysis of the cost savings that exist when using our service compared to your existing provider. You are under no obligation to switch providers but this comparison will indicate why you should, giving a breakdown of the differences between all applicable rates. If after reviewing this comparison, you have any further questions, our highly experienced Electronic Payment Processing service team will be delighted to answer them and recommend the best solutions for your business’s Electronic Payment Processing needs.