Payment Processing – How It Works

Halo Small Business Solutions can provide your business with all the necessary Payment Processing Services, Payment Processing Equipment, etc. Alternatively, if you already have a Payment Processing Provider, we will perform a free cost savings analysis to demonstrate the savings possible by switching your Payment Processing Services to Halo’s platform. We will provide you with a detailed and easy to read breakdown of your current Payment Processing costs compared to the costs associated with processing the very same payments through Halo.


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  • Allow us to perform a cost savings analysis. Once we receive your recent Payment Processing Statement, we can perform the analysis and inform you of the results within 48 hours. The cost savings analysis is free and does not obligate you to switch to Halo’s Payment Processing platform. If you are not currently using a Payment Processing service provider this step does not apply to you.

  • Choosing which type of payments you would like to receive and then choosing the necessary Payment Processing Equipment. Our trained professionals will discuss the benefits of accepting multiple forms of payment and which forms of payment are best suited for your business needs.

  • Proceed with your Payment Processing application. The application form will outline all of the terms and conditions of the Merchant Account and include the full cost breakdown for each service and every piece of equipment you will need to start processing payments. Once the application is received, it is sent to our underwriting department where all of the provided information will be verified.

  • When your application is accepted, we will schedule a suitable time to visit your location so that we can install new Payment Processing machines or convert your existing Payment Processing equipment.

    As you can see, the process involved in setting up an efficient Payment Processing System is an easy one from a business owner’s perspective. We perform all the tedious tasks and ensure a working and reliable Payment Processing System is the end result.