Social Media

Halo Small Business Solutions delivers a Social Media Management Service that is used by clients nationwide. Social Media, formerly frowned upon by employers and perceived to be responsible for wasted employee hours, is now seen as a valuable marketing tool. Social Media marketing is now a crucial part of the marketing budget for many companies, with even the global leaders such as Google dedicating senior executives to managing this area. Social Media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon but has taken the world by storm with advertising companies constantly developing new strategies to entice clients to their sites.

Social Media marketing is now correctly perceived by companies to be a valuable tool for directly interacting with customers, sharing their concerns and taking their opinions on board so that you can improve your product range or services to improve their level of satisfaction. Remember that dissatisfied customers can damage your business and are more likely to spread negative reviews of their experiences. Satisfied customers rarely make the effort to tell many people and need to be encouraged to do so. This is where Social Media marketing comes in; it offers a forum for customers to review your business and in cases where a negative slant is revealed, gives you the opportunity to make amends in a public medium.

As continuous social interaction will interfere with daily activities and prevent you from running your business, we will manage your Social Media marketing efforts on your behalf. All you need to do is outline your criteria, the social networks you prefer (you may be interested in industry-specific ones, for example) and Halo will do the rest. Our Social Media marketing hub is also available and will drive traffic to your website in no time at all.