Equipment Financing

When a business is successful, growth is inevitable. With this growth, the purchase of essential equipment becomes necessary and in many cases cash flow is a problem. When a business is commercially successful, its cash flow can be tied up in various areas, especially if terms such as 30-day credit terms are offered to clients as standard. Unfortunately, these terms are commonly used and enhance the difficulties experienced by small business owners when trying to take their company to the next level. It may also be utilizing lines of credit with local banks in order to finance payrolls and other activities required. As a result, available cash for the purchase of new equipment is limited.

Halo offers an Equipment Financing program. We realize that the savvy alternative is to obtain the equipment using a customized Equipment Financing program. You receive the equipment now and pay for it by using the equipment to generate profit in your commercial activities. By the time the Equipment Financing term is completed, you have fully paid for the equipment, and also generated a profit that would not have been possible without using Equipment Financing. If you had waited until the cash was available to purchase the equipment, you would have effectively stopped the expansion of the business and eliminated any possibility of profit in the intervening time period.

Many business owners are reluctant to enter into Equipment Financing agreements as they see it as adding to the debt burden of the company. In actual terms, this may be true since the agreement adds finances to the company that must be repaid but this consideration must also be weighed against the advantages that expansion offers. Situations will vary but if your company has met its maximum capacity and has clients that cannot be accommodated as a result, Equipment Financing is a wise investment. Call us today to speak to an Equipment Financing specialist at (212) 481-4100 or email us at