Equipment Financing – Benefits

If you are seeking an innovative Equipment Financing program then your search has ended as Halo Small Business Solutions has tweaked their financing service portfolio. Our Equipment Financing programs allow small-business owners to obtain an alternative source of capital that eliminates the cash flow issues commonly associated with running a business. It is now possible for all of our clients to purchase essential equipment or assets if expanding to larger premises. The actual benefits of the Equipment Financing program are numerous and include the following items:

• A fixed rate is available for all Equipment Financing options.
• The time allowed for fixed rate Equipment Financing is flexible and is defined in the initial stages of the agreement.
• 100% financing is an option. This of course means that your working capital is unaffected by entering into an equipment financing agreement.
• You do not have to purchase equipment as a lease option is also available. Many companies choose leasing ahead of outright purchase as it allows them to replace outdated equipment with new models as they are released and at no additional cost.
• If your working capital is limited, it will not prevent you receiving an Equipment Financing program. Viable businesses will always receive due consideration, that banks and other financial institutions may not provide.
• Long-term Equipment Financing options are available. These reduce monthly payments and for a growing business reduced payments in the early stages of expansion can be a lifesaver.
• We can also ensure that any Equipment Financing activities are used to decrease your tax burden.
• In some cases, off-balance-sheet options can be utilized with our Equipment Financing options.

The above are just some of the possible benefits gained from using our Equipment Financing services. Contact one of our Equipment Financing specialists to discuss your business’s Equipment Financing needs, you can reach us at (212) 481-4100 or by emailing us at