Business Cash Advance – How It Works

Traditional sources of capital, such as bank, home equity, and credit card loans, are no longer an option or may not be available for many business owners. Our Business Cash Advance program offers a flexible, hassle-free solution for those small businesses that need access to immediate working capital but may not qualify for traditional business loans.

The Business Cash Advance program from Halo Small Business solutions has helped numerous companies nationwide in their struggle to acquire the working capital their business needs to grow. A Business Cash Advance is when Halo Small Business Solutions gives you an upfront sum of money, also known as a cash advance, that you can use for things such as inventory, marketing, working capital, payroll, expansion, bills, etc. Halo is purchasing a portion of your business’s future credit card receivables. Halo will take a small percentage of your daily sales until the Business Cash Advance is satisfied. Our Business Cash Advance is a creative alternative to small business loans that allows your business to have a flexible repayment of the money you borrow, without the time constraints of a traditional loan. To apply for a Business Cash Advance, please call one of our Business Cash Advance specialists at (212) 481-4100 or send an email to


Step 1: Qualifying Step 2: Application Step 3: Approval
  • The business needs to be open and owned by you.

  • The business has accepted Visa and MasterCard for more than 9 months.

  • The business has an average of Visa and MasterCard credit card receipts over $3,500 on a monthly basis.

  • Complete the application form for a Business Cash Advance.

  • Provide a copy of your Driver’s License.

  • Provide the past 4 months of credit card processing statements.

  • Provide the past 4 months of bank statements.

  • Provide a copy of your business’s property lease.

  • You will receive your Business Cash Advance within days via an ACH Deposit to your business bank account.

  • The agreed upon small percentage will be deducted from your daily Visa and MasterCard receipts until the Business Cash Advance balance has been collected.