Accounts Receivable Financing – Qualifications

Halo Small Business Solutions provide valuable Accounts Receivable Financing Services to all who qualify. Our Accounts Receivable Financing clients come from all regions of the US and from multiple industries. While some business owners are reluctant to consider Accounts Receivable Financing Services as a viable solution to cash flow problems, our clients would disagree. Without Accounts Receivable Financing, business owners would have to visit their local bank or other financial institutions in order to request a line of credit. Charges for such a service can vary enormously, and typical qualification criteria can be excessively strict. Expect to produce numerous financial statements and possibly even a guarantor or reference of someone else that will pay in the event you fail to.

Rather than enduring such a process, most businesses select Accounts Receivable Financing as a primary option. The qualification process for Accounts Receivable Financing is easy and is based on your outstanding credit sales. The credit sales are purchased for a small discount on the actual value. Once you receive your money, you are free to continue your normal commercial activities without interruption. The amount of working capital received from Accounts Receivable Financing is based solely on the amount of qualifying credit sales pending.

In order to qualify for our Accounts Receivable Financing Service, the following criteria must be met:
• The customers that you extend credit terms to must have a strong credit
rating that can be easily verified.
• Invoice copies must be available that have been approved and signed by the
• Your company must provide a service or tangible product to commercial
clients. Credit sales to individuals are not considered.
• The sales involved must be final, with no possibility for future dispute.
• The service must be completed to be eligible for this service. Pending projects
etc. cannot be included.
• Product sales must be final. Products pending delivery cannot be included.