Accounts Receivable Financing – How It Works

Accounts Receivable Financing Services or Accounts Receivable Factoring Services are a useful facility that allows companies to obtain working capital for pending credit sales, using the funds received to continue their business operations. Halo Small Business Solutions offers Accounts Receivable Financing Services to companies nationwide and is well known for its reasonable rates, professional staff, and prompt funding. Our clients include small business owners and medium-sized enterprises from multiple industries.

Our Accounts Receivable Financing Services are some of the best in the industry and have become the preferred option for clients wishing to convert credit sales into usable working capital, without waiting for payment from clients. The delays involved in waiting for payments from clients can vary from 30 to 90 days and sometimes even longer. It is not practical for business owners to wait this length of time before replacing inventory, paying staff, or paying service providers. Payments received from our factoring services are based on the credit rating of your customers and not on your business.

Once an Accounts Receivable Financing application is received the qualifying funds are available within a few days, you will not have to wait several weeks for your working capital. The process of obtaining Accounts Receivable Financing is not complicated and requires minimal paperwork. There is no requirement for financial statements, balance sheets, tax returns or any other financial information. Decisions are made solely on the invoicing process and the credit ratings of your commercial customers. Unfortunately, credit sales to individuals cannot be considered as part of our Accounts Receivable Financing Services. Information received is evaluated and a decision is made within one business day. Initial payments for qualifying credit sales will be made within three to five business days. Contact one of our Accounts Receivable Financing specialists today and begin enjoying the benefits of our industry leading Accounts Receivable Financing Services.