Accounts Receivable Financing FAQs

1. What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Accounts Receivable Financing is the sale of valid commercial Accounts Receivables (AR) for an upfront sum of money.

2. Do I have to pay an application fee for Accounts Receivable Financing? Start up fee? Closing costs? Documentation fee?

No. There are no application fees, start up fees, documentation fees, “due diligence” fees or closing fees. With Halo Small Business Solutions there are NO hidden fees of any kind.

3. Isn’t Accounts Receivable Financing used ONLY by companies in financial “trouble”?

Accounts Receivable Financing gives your business the power to grow, without giving away equity or taking on debt. Contrary to what you may have heard, Accounts Receivable Financing is NOT a tool used only by struggling companies. Financially smart companies use Accounts Receivable Financing as a powerful tool to receive working capital that is tied up in Accounts Receivable.

4. How is Accounts Receivable Financing different from a bank loan?

Accounts Receivable Financing is not a loan; it is the process of selling your business’s Accounts Receivables at a small discount.

5. Does my business qualify for Accounts Receivable Financing?

Almost any business can qualify for Accounts Receivable Financing. Our guidelines are very simple: if you have Accounts Receivables due to a sale in a business to business transaction, you may qualify. Any size invoice can be funded, provided the service you offer, or the product you sell has been completed and delivered.

6. How long do I have to be in business to qualify for Accounts Receivable Financing?

Unlike most Accounts Receivable Financing companies, Halo Small Business Solutions DOES NOT have a minimum length of time in business to qualify. We fund start-ups to long established businesses.

7. Do I have to finance all of my Accounts Receivables?

Unlike most other Accounts Receivable Financing companies, you remain in control throughout the entire process. We allow you to pick which clients and which invoices to finance. Our pricing is duration based, so you only pay for the funding you use, when you use it.

8. Are there any minimum volume requirements for Accounts Receivable Financing?

There are no monthly, quarterly or annual minimum volume requirements. This allows you to have maximum flexibility and ensures that you only pay for the funding you actually use.

9. What information do you need to start the funding process for Accounts Receivables Financing?

Click here to see our simple and “user friendly” Application. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete the Application. Please be sure to include a current AR aging schedule with the signed Application. We will respond with an answer usually the same business day we receive our quick application from you.

10. How long does it take to get funded?

It usually takes five business days to receive the first funding. Please remember that there is a verification process that we perform, so the quicker we complete this step, the quicker the funding. After the initial funding, we fund on a next business day basis. Funds are wire transferred to a bank account designated by you.

11. What does the Accounts Receivable Financing process cost?

All of our Accounts Receivable Financing partnerships are priced on an individual basis.

12. How do I get started with Accounts Receivable Financing?

In order to start financing your company’s Accounts Receivables you can contact a Halo Small Business Solution consultant at (212) 481-4100 or via email at